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Happy Mother’s Day and Buddha Day

𑄃𑄧𑄏𑄛𑄖𑄴 𑄌𑄋𑄴𑄟𑄦𑄞𑄌𑄴


Sending a Precious Dhamma greeting to all my dearest Dhamma family and friends with lots of love and Metta.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s in whole world.

Mother’s Day is a day to honor our mother, and our parents in general. It reminds us to be good to them and to be filial by caring for them and giving them our love, respect, and appreciation. Our parents gave us life. To bring us into the world, our mother endured many tough months of pregnancy and considerable pain during labor. After we were born, our parents worked hard to raise us. Our very existence comes from our parents, for without them, we wouldn’t be here. We should be very grateful to them. The way to repay our parents is to appreciate them and be good to them, and this is the foundation of being a good person.

The Buddha says that there are two people that you can never repay, no matter what you do. They are your mother and your father. Again the Buddha said that there is one way that you can repay for all what they have done. That is to establish them in this Dhamma Path. It is not an easy task, as we are all full of defilements that muddy the waters and prevent us from seeing this path. So if they’re stingy for example, then you can try to find some way to influence them to be more generous. If they are not the type to observe the five precepts, then you could try to get them to be more virtuous, to have more principles in their lives. You can gain merits that will help pave the way to your own Dhamma path, if you could help introduce your parents to the practice of Dhamma. Try to do it in as diplomatic a way as possible. Most parents resent their children who try to tell them what is right or wrong. That is why you will have to find some means of doing this in an indirect way. If they are not into Dhamma, try not to say that this is a Buddhist thing.

Buddha Day

While our parents gave us life and raised us, the Buddha helps us grow in wisdom-life. The Buddha tells us that life is full of suffering, but he also tells us that there’s a way out of suffering. Our suffering comes from the impurities in our heart, such as greed, anger, and ignorance. The Buddha teaches us how to take care of our heart and mind and cleanse away our inner impurities, so that we can return to our innate pure nature, the Buddha nature. He teaches us to love one another and to do good deeds to help people unconditionally. The Buddha teaches us about life’s principles, guides us to have the right direction, and leads us onto a very bright, smooth, and broad path in life. This is why we are very grateful to the Buddha.

If the Buddha had not come into this world, there wouldn’t have been Buddhism, and we wouldn’t have been able to benefit from his teachings. As Buddhists, we celebrate Buddha Day to commemorate the birth of the Buddha and to let people know that the founder of Buddhism is Shakyamuni Buddha. It is also an occasion to open the public’s eyes to Buddhism.

The Buddha teaches us to open our hearts and embrace all people no matter their religious faith.
Because of this, in our Buddha Day ceremonies.

At the ceremony, people of different religions opened their hearts to join together in praying for the world with sincere piety.

At the heart of religion is the spirit of love, tolerance, and openness of heart where there is no discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or religion. In our Buddha Day ceremonies, it was remarkable to see people of different religious faiths all coming together in a harmonious and beautiful ceremony. It truly manifested the beauty of the all-embracing spirit of religion.

Follows the Buddha’s teaching of practicing the Bodhisattva Path, and also opening our hearts so that we can care for all people with gratitude and respect and work in harmony with other religions in this cause.

In May each year, they especially do this by holding Buddha Day ceremonies. No matter if the ceremony is a small and simple one or a large-scale event, everyone is equal in their heart of sincere piety.

The ceremony itself is only held once a year, but through it we remember to have the same pious sincerity always, all through the year. In celebrating Buddha Day, Mother’s Day.

we take part in an occasion that reminds us to purify our hearts, appreciate our parents, and do good deeds to benefit our fellow human beings. At the ceremony, we pray for the world—we pray that the hearts of humanity may become pure, society may have peace and harmony, and the world may be free of disasters. May there be a wide celebration of these three special occasions every year to help us renew our vows to work for the good of all living beings and create a better world.

May Dhamma spread! May the people of the whole world enjoy the best fruits of Dhamma! May the people of the world enjoy the best fruits of Dhamma!

May more and more people benefit from the dhamma Post’s to live a happy and harmonious life, good for them and good for others!

To hear the Dhamma at the right time.
Everyone who has experienced a word of teaching that touched the heart at just the right moment knows what a precious gift this can be.

May all beings develop pure metta. May Dhamma and metta vibrations grow and extend all over the universe.

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