The essential teachings of the Buddha

Yo vo ānanda mayā dhammo ca vinayo ca
desito paññatto so vo mam’ accayena satthā.
Vinayo nāmabuddhasāsanassa āyu
Vinaye țhite sāsanam thitam hoti.
“O Ananda, after I pass away, my Dharma and Precepts skillfully taught, applied, and practiced in daily life are all your teachers.”
The virtuous Precepts are the lifespan of Buddhism. Once the virtuous Precepts are applied and practiced very well, Buddhism can last a long time in the world.

Sabbadānaṃ dhammadānaṃ jināti.
Dharma giving trumps all givings or of all types of almsgivings, Dharma giving is the noblest.

The five good blessings in Buddhism include Longevity, beauty, happiness, strength, and wisdom.”