1865 view

Spring Poems

Thích Trừng Sỹ


Compassion Spring

Meeting each other to wish you the new spring,

Wish each other in the light of compassion,

Children, adults who are happy,

Permeate peaceful joy with the Compassion Spring.

Endless Spring

Endless spring is present in us,

Spring heart is impregnated with all houses,

Spring mind shines in cultivation

Spring love shows selfless nature.

Infinite Spring

The coming spring dedicates the sound of meditation music

For practitioners with the light of gentle spring

In this year, spring comes and lasts infinitely

Beautiful young babies get much cheerful.

Happiness Spring

When spring comes, living things and beings feel joyful,

When spring arrives, hundreds of flowers slightly open smilingly,

People and their families are happy,

To celebrate new spring with their joyful hearts.

Maitreya Spring

When spring comes, everyone has additional joy.

The Maitreya Buddha in us opens his smiles,

All are happy and glad,

For new spring to brighten the Dharma confidence. 

Marvelous Spring

Spring comes and arrives really boundlessly,

For all human beings and gods,

A season of the new spring is so marvelous,

The eternal spring is at the door of meditation. 

Infinite Spring

This spring illuminates the infinite light,

Everyone leads to the Pure Land,

All obtain infinite longevity,

Infinite merit is really numberless. 

Eternal Spring

When the spring comes, humankind ends misery,

For people being awakened in the light of the deliverance path,

For people who cultivate and learn additional diligence,

For young generations who reach resplendence. 

Contemplative Spring

Spring comes in the eye of meditation house,

To lead practitioners to escape of instant suffering,

Those who dwell in the light of the Dharma path

Their minds get awakened and end sorrows. 

Peaceful Spring

Spring comes, countless birds twitter,

To lead people to the shore of freedom

Their bodies and minds are at ease and peace

To transfer inspiration between students and teachers.




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