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Meaning poems at the beginning of the New Year composed by Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

Welcome to Tết in this year is very at ease 
Rejoice in a happy Spring is right here and right now
Today coming to the Temple to pay homage to the Buddha,
To pray for peace and joy all over the world.
It is really happy to receive lucky gifts from a Master during Tết holidays
Spring returns and brings smiles
The path of compassion and wisdom aways advances
To bring joy to the world so brightly.
Celebrate Tết arriving, blessing lasts long
Welcome Spring passing, virtue is miraculous
The right Dharma path is always developing
To bring peace and joy all over the globe.
Tết arriving in all directions is very in comfort   
Spring has come everywhere so peacefully
The Noble Eightfold Path we always practice
To bring immeasurable love to all.
Spring has come, morality spreads the scent of flowers
Spring has gone, compassion is filled with peace
Spring brings meaning in the Buddha Dharma
Spring sends love to all families.
Happy New Year, all things are peaceful
The Boat of Prajna, blooming with lotuses
Compassion and wisdom always shine
Love and understanding forever spread far and wide.
Wishing you a New Year full of kindness and goodness
The peaceful mind and body are truly auspicious
Aiming to serve the Three Jewels
Benefit oneself, others, and benefit all sentient beings.
Happy New Year, all peace and harmony
The Boat of Prajna forever spreads far and wide
Compassion and joy are always bright
Bring happiness to all families.
The Buddha’s Door is compassionate to all people
The Spring Light of Wisdom shines everywhere
Those who dwell in the selfless mind
Enlightenment of suchness with peaceful smile.
Living in the right Dharma is truly peaceful
Affliction transformed is very fast
The body and mind of cultivation in the new age
Clearly understanding impermanence comes around.
Spring has come, the Buddha Dharma is so noble
Tết is arriving, the Sangha lives sweetly
Cultivated people show the mind of serenity
How stable, peaceful, and beautiful it is!
Welcoming Spring back very happily
Cultivating goodness and blessings throughout this place
Guarding the Three Jewels with the mind of selflessness
Building the Dharma friendship is right here.
Making offerings on the occasion of Tết is really happy
Children and grandchildren exchange smiles
Family reunions are always happy 
The compassionate face is so bright.
Spring flowers fully bloom on the lotus platform
The path of practice is so bright today
Afflictions are transformed at this time
The body and mind are at peace in the present moment.
The Temple Gate welcomes visitors from everywhere
Meditation Door opens a wide and spacious way
Diligent practice towards the Buddha land
Achieving happiness, Nirvana is right here.
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter have four seasons
Compassion and wisdom are as cool as rain
The virtuous and harmonious Sangha are ever bright
Building Dharma brotherhood and sisterhood every day.
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