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Thirty-Five Years of Dharma studies, Practice, and Propagation

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

Please enjoy watching and singing this Youtube happily.

Thirty-Five Years of Dharma studies, Practice, and Propagation

Thirty-five years long

Thay traveling everywhere

Studies and spreads the Dharma

to teach understanding and love. 


Experiencing many ups and downs

Nourishing the mind of enlightenment

Flowering and fruiting

Beautifying months and years. 


Vowing to help all people

Working in the happy mind

With compassion and wisdom

For the life of absorbing freshness. 


Imitating Sakyamuni Buddha’s example

Clearly seeing the way out of suffering

Applying the Noble Eightfold Path

Benefiting living beings.


Imitating the Patriarch’s example

Comprehending the path of the Truth

Practicing the Precepts, meditation, Wisdom

Saving beings with loving-kindness. 


Buddha Jewels are very marvelous

The Sangha follows those

The Dharma is the remedy to

Help people end suffering.

Ba Mươi Lăm Năm Tu Học và Hoằng Pháp

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