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A Bunch of Beautiful Poems in the Dharma composed by Thích Trừng Sỹ

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

I vow from now until the rest of my life
Do good and avoid evil to help people everywhere
I wish to stay in this place
To propagate the right Dharma with months and days joyfully.
I vow from now until the rest of my life
Do good and avoid evil to help people everywhere
I wish to stay in this place
Being a Dharma practitioner right here is peaceful.


The Buddha Dharma is sublime and wonderful
I vow to cultivate, study, and help people in many directions.
I vow to learn to understand and love
Bringing peace and joy to all the streets and districts.
The ethical flowers penetrate into the mind, 
Flowers of loving-kindness and compassion are fully filled with all mountains and rivers. 
Each of us is each of poet, 
Offering the world sweet-delicious flowers and fruits. 
Although tomorrow we are far away from thousands of the route miles, 
We are spiritual children of the Buddha forever, 
Bringing the light of loving-kindness and compassion to the Dharma path, 
Bringing love to spread over all directions. 
Though there are so much arduousness and miserableness,
With our stability in Dharma learning and practice, we can overcome all.
The Scent of the Virtue
Meditation Door pervades fragrance,
The garden of the virtuous mind opens miraculously in the early morning and night 
Even though we are far away from thousand miles of the bridge spans,
Flowers of the mind still blooms and contributes to the beautiful and fresh parts
Whether the waves and winds are full or less,
But sisterhood and brotherhood of the whole life are respectfully dedicated.
The Garden of the Dharma Mind
Meditative fragrance pervades near and far
The garden of the Dharma Mind blooms in four Seasons.
In spite of going thousands of miles of world ways,
The Dharma Mind does not let any part of it fade away.
Even though we are far away from thousands of the long way miles,
The love of the Dharma sisters and brothers in us everywhere is close, too.
Beautifying the Native Land
Practitioners learn the Buddha Dharma happily
The body and mind are transformed very wonderful
Purifying sorrow, grief, and suffering
Bringing Dharma happiness to life.
Practitioners applying the truly eternal Dharma
Spread love for all directions
Protect the Triple Gem with the surpassing mind
Bring peace and joy to all places.
Practitioners are at ease to enter life
As beautiful flowers are everywhere
The body and mind are free and happy
To beautify the Native Land so wonderfully.
Poetry of Practitioners
Practitioners diligently in meditation practice
purify all suffering
Body and mind are transformed 
To achieve miracle results.
Practitioners always applying 
Dharma learning and Dharma practice
Develop the mind of enlightenment
to bring joy and happiness to the world.
Practitioner comes into life
as flowers bloom everywhere 
at ease and freedom
to make life beautified.
By Thích Trừng Sỹ
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