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The Second Pilgrimage Program to the Buddha Lands in India and Nepal

Pháp Nhãn Temple


Venerable Thầy Trừng Sỹ ever studied abroad for eight years at the Capital University of Delhi, India, graduated with a doctoral degree in Buddhist studies, and preached Buddhism in detail with each the Buddha land.

Time: 15 Days and nights: From October 20 to November 3, 2020

Pháp Nhãn Temple in Austin, Texas holds:

136 The Ranch Road, Del Valle, TX 78617

Ven. Thầy Trừng Sỹ: +1(512) 366-2686

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Pháp Nhãn Temple

Website: dharmaeye.net

Sister Giang Tỷ, whole dharma name is Tuệ Khánh: +1(713) 702-2268

Email: [email protected]

About 30 people, priority for those registering in advance



Purpose of Trip:

In the Jātaka Sutta (the story of the Buddha’s Precursor), he taught, “Ānanda, there are four Buddha lands for devotees needing to contemplate and respect. How is four? This is where the Tathagata was born. This is where the Tathagata attained the perfect Enlightenment. This is where the Tathagata sets the Wheel of the supreme Dharma. This is where the Tathagata passes away, entering Parinirvana. Ānanda, they are the four holy lands, the devotees need to contemplate and respect. Ānanda, Bhikkhus, Bhikkhuni, lay men, and lay women will come to the thought: ‘This is where the Tathagata is born’, ‘This is the Tathagata obtains the perfect enlightenment,’ ‘This is where the Tathagata sets the Wheel of the supreme Dharma,’ ‘This is where the Tathagata passes away, enter the Parinirvana.’ Ānanda, and those who, while pilgriming the holy lands, died with their hearts of deep faith and joy, after their lives were destroyed, they will be born in the good realm, the gods’ realm. ” (Kalingabodhi Jataka, No. 479. Jataka, volume IV, page 228. Jataka Translation, volume IV, page 142).

For that reason, “The Way to the Buddha Land” is a spiritual journey to find about the marvelous cradle of Buddhism. Those are the longing, inmost feelings, have long cherished the Buddha’s children. In the Fall of 2020, Venerable Thầy Trừng Sỹ, the Abbot of the Pháp Nhãn Temple of Texas, USA, had ever studied abroad at Dehli University in India for 8 years, will implement a pilgrimage to the Buddha land with the sincere heart of revering, practicing, and learning about the history of the holy Buddhist land in India, where Buddhism was enlightened more than 26 centuries ago. To return to India is to return to the origin, to the beloved homeland of the Good Father, the light of the golden Dharma has shone in the spiritual, mysterious country. Today, the images of Patriarch Father and his holy disciples are the infinite sources of the comfort that urges us to make a spiritual practice pilgrimage to see ourselves real people and real scene thrrough the Buddha’s life and his disciples’s lives have ever lived, studied, and worked on this spiritual land more than two thousand six hundred years ago.


Day 01st and Day 2nd: USA – NEW DELHI

Departing from Houston airport, USA to New Delhi airport, India.

Get a hotel accommodation and sleep overnight in New Delhi.

The next day, visiting the National Museum, chanting, and paying homage to the Buddha’s relics,

Visiting India Gate, Asharam Indian Temple

Go back to the hotel and spend the night there.


Take a plane to Varanasi

Visiting the Buddha land of the Deer Park, Dhamek stupa, where Buddha said the first Sermon,

Visiting Chaukhandi stupa, where the Buddha met the five honored brothers Añña Koṇḍañña

Visiting the Museum,

Visiting the Ganges River

Getting a hotel to spend the night there.


Visiting Sravasti

Visiting the Memorial house of Anathapindika, Angulimala Stupa, Jetavana grove, Bodhi tree planted by the Honored Ananda.

Visiting Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s memorial park in Lucknow

Getting a hotel and sleeping overnight there.


Visiting the holy place of Lumbini, where the Buddha was born.

Visiting the sanctuary of the Holy Mother Mayadevi, the pillar of King Ashoka, the historic pond where she bathed before the Prince was born.

The deligation sat in meditation beneath the Bodhi tree beside the pond,

Visiting the Kudan stupa, where the Buddha met his King father since he got Enlightenment and visited Kapilavatthu.

Getting a hotel and sleeping overnight in Nepal.


Visiting the Holy Land Kushinagar, where the World-Honored One entered the Nirvana

Visiting the Nirvana Temple,

Visiting Rambhar Stupa, where his physical body was cremated.

Taking a hotel and spending the night there.


Go to Vaishali to visit the Shanti stupa, the place of commemorating the Elder Anan, and the pillar of King Ashoka, marking the place where the Nuns were established, where the Buddha spent some tranquilly staying seasons, especially the last tranquilly staying season before he left for Kushinagar.

Visiting and paying respects to the relics of the Buddha worshiped by the Licchavis tribe,

Visiting Vietnamese Buddhist Nun Temple,

Getting a hotel and sleeping overnight at Vaishali.


Visiting Patna, the capital of the kingdom of Magadha, where the 3rd Suttas is collected, fixed, and edited under the patronage of King Ashoka.

Visiting bamboo garden,

Getting a hotel and sleeping overnight at Ragir.


Day 10th: Ragir Mountain – BODHGAYA

Visiting Ragir Mountain, where Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra.

Visiting thestone cave of the Elder sāriputta and the Elder Anan.

Visiting the prison background of King Bimbisara,

Visiting the Nalanda University, the first Buddhist university in the world and Xuanzang Memorial Hall.

Getting a hotel and spend the night in Bodh Gaya.

Day 11st: at BODHGAYA

Going to Bodhgaya, where the Buddha attained enlightenment,

Visiting Maha Stupa Temple, Bodhi tree, Diamond sitting, 7 weeks after the Buddha got enlightenment.

Visiting the memorial house of Buddhist female Sujata, the Farmer offers a bundle of auspicious Kusa grass

Back to the hotel and spend the night in Bodhgaya.


Visiting the Uruvela, where Bodhisattva siddhartha spent 6 years of asceticism

Visiting international Buddhist Temples around Bodhi Bodhisattva like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand,

Back to the hotel and spend the night in Bodhgaya.

Day 13rd: BODHGAYA

Visiting the Holy Land of Bodhgaya

Doing charity for students and Monastics.

Go shopping for souvenirs.

Back to the hotel and spend the night at Bodhgaya


Take a plane to New Delhi

Get a hotel to rest and spend overnight in New Delhi.

Day 15th: NEW DELHI – USA

Back to New Delhi airport to return to the United States.

The pilgrimage is over.

We wish the pilgrimage delegation to have a safe and happy journey.

Some Information to know

Time to start enrolling:

March 1 to August 15, 2020 is the end.

Depart from George Bush Airport, Houston, Texas, to Delhi India airport.

There are two domestic flights in India. All vehicles are buses.

Costs include:

The cost of 2 domestic flight tickets to the Buddha land in India

The cost of bus trips to the Buddha lands

The cost of hotels from 3 stars or more

Food and accommodation costs are  provided and cooked by the

hotel according to Asian and Vietnamese way

Costs Excludes:

* The expenses of making happy offerings to monastics studying abroad in India and gifts for charity.

* Expenses for bus driver and assistant driver

* Expenses for offering offerings to Temples at Buddha lands in India and Nepal

* Penalty fee for overweight baggage (each piece with hand baggage is about 8 kilos and two carry-on baggage, each 20 kilos)

* Check or money order cost sent to Temple’s address: 136 The Ranch Road, Del Valle, TX 78617, USA. Please inscribe: Indian Pilgrimage 2020, or transfer via Bank of America:

Account number: 488052775374;

 Routing number: 111000025.

(Remember to specify your full name).

Please register Online here.

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