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Daily Dharma Practice Program (from Monday to Friday) at Pháp Nhãn Temple

Pháp Nhãn Temple 

05:00 am:  Wake up

05:30 am:  Meditation practice

06:00 am:  Chanting

06:30 am:  Morning exercise and take a shower

07:00 am: Review the past things and prepare next things for new day

08:00 am: Breakfast  

08:30 am: Help do the Temple chores

09:00 am: Dharma studies

11:30 am: Prepare lunch

12:00 am: Have mindfulness meal

01:00 pm: Deep Relaxation Meditation

02:00 pm: Help do the Temple chores

03:00 pm: Dharma learning and practice

06:00 pm: Light dinner

06:00 pm: Walking meditation

06:30 pm: Meditation practice

07:00 pm: Chanting

08:00 pm: Watch news

08:30 pm: Write and draft the  Buddhadharma

11:00 pm: Lights out.





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