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Be At Peace & In Harmony With Yourself & All That Surrounds You

Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams



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“We are intimately connected with all of nature. It is most important to realise this. For if we know this fact then we are more likely to coexist with all living beings and all of nature in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Many of our worries, discontent, agitation and feelings of being disconnected, arise due to not realising this natural truth. We should open our minds and be less self-centred.

Take for example a camera. When the camera’s focus is set on close-up, all we see through the lens is the close-up. Nothing else is seen.

This is like when we are self-centred. We are focusing on ourselves, our problems and discontent, our likes and dislikes, and so on and so forth. At this time they are like the whole universe and nothing or no one else matters or exists.

But the more we widen and open the focus of the camera’s lens, the more views and wider perspective of all that is around us is available to our vision.

Likewise, the more we widen our focus, widen our view, open our mind, the more we allow ourselves the opportunity to develop genuine insight into ourselves, others and all of nature, and be at peace and in harmony with ourselves and all that surrounds us.”

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“Every day can be a good day, every moment can be a good moment. A great opportunity to practice the Buddha Dharma and bring benefit to all sentient beings.

If we sincerely and wholeheartedly practise Dharma, moment to moment, day to day, then every moment will be a joyful moment, every day will be a joyful day.

When we sincerely and wholeheartedly practise Dharma in this human life, our life becomes a ‘precious human life’, as we will be making the most of this rare and precious opportunity.

We should constantly remind ourselves that we now possess a most valuable, priceless and precious human birth.

This will help us to maintain the inner-strength, confidence, joy and enthusiasm we need to take full advantage of this rare opportunity.

We should be careful not to waste our lives by being distracted by superficial worldly concerns, so that we can emulate the great sages and masters of the past, and truly believe, with confidence, that we can follow in their footsteps and make our lives truly meaningful and worthwhile.”

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“One moment of pure sharing is far more meaningful and precious than many moments of sharing with distraction or expectation. Remember that a peaceful environment is a result of pure sharing, a balance of giving and receiving.We should freely share our meritorious goodness, material aid, protection from fear and the truth of the Dharma. If at all possible, we should share whatever is needed, without expecting anything in return.

We should share with others, freely and clearly, what we understand ourselves, and encourage them to, freely and clearly, study, contemplate and practise the Dharma according to their own capabilities.

Furthermore, we should dedicate all of our merits from the past, present and future to all sentient beings, without limit.
Whatever virtuous actions we may have completed with our body, speech and mind throughout the infinite past, even though we may not remember them, we should dedicate to all sentient beings, without exception. 
Likewise, whatever virtuous actions we are engaging in at present and will engage in in the future, we should dedicate to all sentient beings, wishing that they all attain unsurpassed supreme enlightenment as swiftly as possible. 
We should constantly share our meritorious goodness.”
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~Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams~
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