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Philosophy of the word TRANQUILITY in the Buddha Dharma

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ


Through the process of cultivating, learning, understanding, applying, and practicing the Buddha Dharma in our daily lives diligently, flexibly, appropriately, and skillfully, afflictions, worries, and sorrows in us will certainly be recognized and transformed, our mind is at TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to the Buddha Dharma that is permeated and watered coolly in us, we are not shaken by the dissenting, praiseful, praiseless voices, and life’s adversity, our mind becomes PEACEFUL TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to cultivating and learning the virtues of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity, and forgiveness, happiness, youth, and health in us always show on the beautiful face, and our minds are at JOYFUL TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to learning, understanding, applying, and practicing the three learning subjects of Virtue, Meditative concentration, and Wisdom that cover all the dharma practices and dharma studies, our mind is TRANQUILLY DWELLED in the Buddha Dharma.

Thanks to diligently practicing Samatha Meditation and Vipassana Meditation every day, we have right mindfulness and awareness, the tension and pain in us are transformed, we have the TRANQUIL MIND and BODY right here and right now in the present life.

Thanks to watching the in-breath and the out-breath steadily, slowly, mindfully, and attentively, we have the ability to recognize and transform distractions, upset, and moving thoughts, and our mind is at FREE TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to be aware to practice steps of standing, lying, sitting, speaking, thinking, and acting stably, freely, and relaxedly, our mind is at CALM TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to learning, understanding, and permeating the Buddha Dharma; the Buddha Dharma has the ability to cool the body and mind, we call it WHOLESOME TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to diligently studying and practicing the noble path with the eight methods of right cultivation, we have the right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. What happens in the past and projects will happen in the future, we do not bother to pursue and get involved. With wisdom of contemplation, meditative concentration, and right mindfulness in the present, we call it CONCENTRATIVE TRANQUILITY right in the present life.

Thanks to skillfully practicing and applying the Buddha’s Dharma precepts in daily life; The Buddha’s Dharma precepts have the ability to protect the body and mind, we call it SAFE and OKAY TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to knowing contentment and treasuring what we have, even though we live and work in simple places, we still feel happy and comfortable. We call it SUFFICIENT TRANQUILITY.

Thanks to having enough wholesome conditions to cultivate, learn, and practice the Buddha Dharma every day; The Buddha Dharma has the potential to help us live a happy life. I call it TRANQUIL CONDUCT.

Thanks to building the love of harmony, solidarity, and fraternity in the spirit of mutual assistance, mutual affection, mutual love, and mutual respect for the Sangha, family, school, and for society, everyone in the communities feels peaceful and happy. We call it TRANQUILITY of HARMONY and TRANQUILITY of CONCORD.

Thanks to cultivating, learning, and applying the six methods of harmony and respect in daily life, including:

  1. Living in harmony
  2. Speaking in harmony without dispute
  3. Thinking harmoniously in the spirit of the collective
  4. Precepts of harmony of joint cultivation and practice
  5. View of harmony of jointly explaining, exchanging, and discussing
  6. Benefits of harmony of jointly sharing,


Thanks to studying the Dharma, understanding the Dharma, practicing the Dharma, propagating the Dharma, and protecting the Dharma, we have the substance of peacefulness and happiness in the spirit of the collective and individual, for a long time and short time, and in the residence of the Temple where we are living. We call it TRANQUIL ABODE.



The open sea is immense

Peaceful body and mind, we look forward to saving people

Life is sometimes full and not full

The love of Three Jewels of lifetime is respectfully offered.

Spreading the Dharma is near and far

Diligently doing good we need to memorize so far

Compassion and wisdom in cultivation

The Buddha Dharma adapts to life in application.


May I be well
May you be well
May all be well.
May I be happy
May you be happy
May all be happy.
May I be peaceful
May you be peaceful
May all be peaceful.
May I be healthy
May you be healthy
May all be healthy.
May all living things and living beings be well, happy, peaceful, and healthy.
By Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ
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