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Happy Mother’s Day

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ


According to the Western culture, today is the Mother’s day. In fact, we know everyday is also the Mother’s and Father’s day, but this day we only mention the Mother’s day; Mother is the person bearing birth to us, she is the person nourishing our growing up, she is the person looking after us, and she is the person wishing us to succeed well in the world.

By teaching gratitude of hers, we have been growing up in the world. Virtuous merit of hers is exemplified highly and firmly as green mountain, immensely and deeply as the open sea. It is very happy for those who still have Mother, it is very unhappy for those who do not have Mother, and it is also unhappy for those who still have Mother but do not know and understand her meritorious gratitude and nurture.

Those who know themselves still have Mom, right today is the Mother’s day, we would like to offer our fresh heartfelt flowers by our fresh smiles, loving and pleasant actions and words to her. If those who live far away from her, by modern means today, take advantage of making a call to greet her immediately. When she hear our greetings, she feels happier and better.

If she does not live in the world any longer, by our good words, good thoughts, and good actions for the many, we pray wholeheartedly for her to be born up to a wholesome realm.

On occasion of the Vesak Season – Buddhist Calendar 2567 – 2023,

may you be well,

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you be peaceful

May you be free from greed, anger, delusion, hatred, ignorance, and suffering.

Ngày Của Mẹ



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