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Poem & Song Thinking about the Most Venerable Master Thích Quảng Độ’s Gratitude

Thích Trừng Sỹ


Thinking about the Most Venerable

Master Thích Quảng Độ’s Gratitude

Spending months and years passing quickly

Wishing the Sangha’s activities throughout five continents

Harmony of mindful mind is always unified

Asia, Europe, Australia, America, connect the same bridge.


Spring of this year sees him off

Returning to the Blissful Land with Tathagata

Feeling at ease and at peace

Listening to the Master’s teachings happily forever.


Happily meeting the Great Person!

Joyful life, joyful path, try to elaborate

We work hard and diligently

Staying in the world always keeps cultivating.


Although hardships spend many years

The will of Master is firm in diamond

We practice in right confidence

Building the Buddhadharma with the love of homeland.


Life sometimes meets harshly

With the heart of right view is very indomitable

Defilements, suffering is transformed

To end anger and delusion in the world.


We rely on his majestic fame

Knowing that the Buddhadharma the Master translates quickly

Paying homage to the virtuous Master

Sending the whole confidence in the true heart.


Great compassion, great wisdom the Master understood thoroughly

We are always inscribed in our hearts

Propagating and setting the Dharma Wheel in motion

Continuing to be grateful for wisdom of empty nature.


Even if everything hinders us,

knowing how to make an effort to skillfully overcome

building sister and brotherhood is above all

Looking after love for all families.


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