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Fortunes & Freedoms, Perfect Place & Time

Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams

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“For so many lives we have wandered lost in cyclic existence, remaining ignorant, associating with the unwise, unable to meet with truly wise teachings and guides for the path to enlightenment.
Now that we have attained this precious human life, with its fortunes and freedoms, and have met with truly wise teachings and guides, we should not waste this opportunity that is so very rare. We should study, practise and share the Dharma with clarity of mind, with great enthusiasm and joy.
We should accumulate and realise all of the perfections, and never abandon the Dharma path, which is infinitely more precious than the wish-fulfilling jewels. Although we may encounter many obstacles and hindrances, we should continue onwards, undaunted.
We should dedicate our whole being to the Buddha Dharma, dedicate all of our activities to facing and overcoming all obstacles, worries and fears, continuing without fail to fulfil our true potential and realise unsurpassed supreme enlightenment.
It is important to remember that any place and time is the perfect place and time to practice the Dharma and to purify our minds.
If we keep our mind upright without wavering, remaining without greed and desire, and we live consciously in the present moment, then whatever we do is practising the Dharma.
Our practise is not just about external form, it is about experiencing with our mind. When the mind is clear and stable, our behaviour will not go astray. Not only will we be happy, others will also feel safe and secure in our company. This is practise.
The mind must be clear and stable, and not follow the changing external environment. When a situation arises, our mind shouldn’t be swayed immediately by our surroundings. This is practise.”

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~Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams~



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“All of us wish to experience happiness and wish to avoid suffering. But so often we live contrary to these wishes. We greedily chase after happiness as if it were something we can acquire, and get angry when we experience some form of suffering. 

We need to change the way we think and behave. We need to study, contemplate and understand the universal Law of Karma, of cause and effect.

If we want to be happy and not unhappy, we must maintain a mind that is free from delusion, greed and anger, a mind that is wise, open and loving. 

When we recognise unwholesome thoughts and attitudes have arisen in our mind, we should make the effort to eradicate them. Then they will not increase and overwhelm us. 

We should protect our minds from unwholesome thoughts and attitudes, just as we would build a fence if we lived on the edge of a cliff. 

We should always be moving forward towards our goal on our spiritual path. For to stand still is like going backwards. 

If we’re not moving forward, our habitual tendencies and mental afflictions will continue to be reinforced, and therefore we will be going backwards. 

So keep moving forward towards the goal of enlightenment. Undaunted, with clear purpose and enthusiastic effort, no matter what. If you do this, success is guaranteed.”

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~Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams~



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