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Invitation Letter of Attending the Great Vu Lan Ceremony (Parents Day) 2565 – 2021 On Sunday, September 5th 2021

Pháp Nhãn Temple


(PARENTS DAY) 2565 – 2021

On Sunday, September 5th 2021

To: Dear Monastics, lay Buddhists, and everyone,

Discourse on Showing Great Gratitude to Parents states: “On the Full Moon Day of yearly lunar July, people with filial piety and deep gratitude have to repay their parents.” Indeed, when the Vu Lan Ceremonial Season comes, everyone spends their free time going to the Temple so that they can practice the Buddhadharma and attend the Vu Lan Ceremony together happily.

The VU LAN is a most important Spiritual Cultural Festival yearly to Vietnamese Buddhists, consisting of the following events: The first is praying blessings for the living parents arousing virtuous merit and longevity. The second is praying blessings for those who have passed away were born up to a peaceful realm. The third is praying blessings for oneself and for others to obtain peaceful joy and happiness, and the fourth is praying blessings for world peace and for people to obtain peacefulness. Through learning, understanding, practicing, spreading, and applying the Dharma into our daily lives, we can enjoy the flowers and fruits of Dharma happiness for ourselves and for others right here and right now in the present life.

On the occasion of this yearly VU LAN Festival, Phap Nhan Temple will organize the precepts Board to transmit the novice precepts for Dharma Brother Pháp Thanh with the support and presence of Monastics, Buddhists, and non-Buddhists near and far. The Ceremonial Day program will happen as follows:

09:00 am             Welcome you to Pháp Nhãn Temple

90:30 am             Welcome Monastics to the Temple

10:00 am             The Great VU LAN festival (Will have a separate program)

10:30 am             Dharma talk about the meaning of VU LAN festival

11:00 am             The Ceremonial Rose pinning

11:30 am             The novice Precepts Board

12:00 pm             Making ceremonial offering to Monastics and having cordial lunch

12:30 pm             VU LAN singing performance

01:30 pm             The Ceremony of being the Buddha’s children[1]

02:00 pm             Closing Ceremonies.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace, joy, and happiness in the Dharma.

                                                                 The Abbot of the Pháp Nhãn Temple

                                                                         Venerable Thích Trừng Sỹ


[1] Please write your full name, date of birth, and a photo ID, and send them to Phap Nhan Temple soon for the Master to fill in your lay Ordination Certificate with the above address.


Thư Mời Tham Dự Đại Lễ Vu Lan 2565 – 2021 Vào Chủ Nhật, Ngày 5 Tháng 9 Năm 2021

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