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Some guidance and sharing for those preparing to become Monastics on the Buddha Vesak Day at Pháp Nhãn Temple on June 9, 2024

Pháp Nhãn Temple     Thích Trừng Sỹ         Brother Pháp Hỷ Lạc


Dear Brother Hỷ Lạc,
Today, I would like to email you to preview some activities of Pháp Nhãn Temple.
On June 9, 2024, we will have the two important events: The first is the Buddha Vesak Day Celebration: The second is the Ceremony for you to be ready and ordained as a Novice Monk. In this Ceremony, we hold the Buddha Vesak Day and your ordination Ceremony simply.
On that day, you will read your wholehearted aspirant letter of taking a vow to become ordained as a Novice Monk before the Sangha, (this letter written by you please send to me before four week so that I can translate it into Vietnamese and post it on the phapnhan.org webpage with suitable time.) and then, to rinse, wash, and purify the worldly body vase purely and to manifest your humble, respectful, and sincere mind, look forward in front of the Buddha altar, you pay homage to the Buddha for three times, and in front of the Sangha, you pay homage to the Monastic people for three times.
In front of the Noble Triple Gem, please kneel down, receive, and listen to the Ten Precepts from the Dharma Masters.
After receiving enough Ten Precepts of the Novice Monk from Dharma Masters, you kneel down in front of the Sangha, your two hands hold an incense to your forehead, and you will be formally shaved and become a Novice Monk.
When finishing shaving your hair, you keep kneeling down to receive a yellow Kasa Robe – ceremonial Robe from a head Master transmitting to you, and then, you hold this Robe tray to your forehead and repeat after Dharma Master with a few sentences.
When finishing repeating this, you can stand up to put on your Kasa Robe on your shoulders properly while the Sangha keeps chanting the Buddha’ names to support peaceful and spiritual energy to you.
Up to that time, congratulations on your becoming a legal Novice Monk with your Dharma title named Pháp Hỷ Lạc (Mudita Dharma).
At that time, we continue to happily celebrate the Buddha Vesak Day together with the Sangha.
Wishing you success and nurturing your good monastic ideals.

Please preview what you will practice on your Ordination Ceremony

To grateful for the birth and upbringing of the parents, you wholeheartedly pay homage to the Buddha permanently in three lifetimes and ten directions. (One prostration, bell)
To grateful for the birth and upbringing of the parents, you wholeheartedly pay homage to the Dharma permanently in three lifetimes and ten directions. (One prostration, bell)
To grateful for the birth and upbringing of the parents, you wholeheartedly pay homage to the noble Sangha permanently in three lifetimes and ten directions. (One prostration, bell)

Dear Pháp Hỷ Lạc Brother,
To become a well-trained disciple of Buddhism, please answer the following questions clearly in front of the Assembly.
On today’s Vesak Day, June 9, 2024, the following ten questions Dharma Masters will ask you during your ordination ceremony as follows:
First, before up to now, are you a debtor who borrowed money without paying?
Second, are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, and are you a criminal?
Third, are you a person with an infectious disease?
Fourth, are you good, moral, and filial to the parents in your family?
If yes, to express your deep gratitude to the parents, please direct your mind to the Buddha altar to pay homage to the parents three prostrations during this ordination ceremony.
Fifth, are you a useful person in family, school, and society?
Sixth, are you a person who vows to study, practice, and apply Buddhism in the daily life?
Seventh, are you an engaged Dharma propagator?
Eighth, are you a person who supports the Dharma, protects the Dharma, respects the Triple Gem, builds the Sangha, a successor, and a person capable of continuing the light, lineage, and bloodline of the Buddha Dharma in the present and future?
If yes, to express your sincere devotion to the noble Triple Gem, please direct your sincerity to the Sangha to pay homage to them three times happily right here in this Ceremony.
Ninth, are you a person capable of resolutely abandoning ignorance, including wrong view, wrong thought, wrong speech, wrong action, wrong livelihood, wrong effort, wrong mindfulness, and wrong concentration meditation?
Tenth, are you a person who has applied and practiced the Noble Eightfold Path including Wisdom, Virtue, and Meditation, interrelated very closely to the right view, right thought, right speech, and right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration?
Fortunately, through the ten questions above, please repeat after me as follows:
I vow to study, practice, and apply the Buddha Dharma in my daily life to contribute to Dharma propagation and benefit to the many right here in the present life.

Namo Buddhaya. Namo Dharmaya. Namo Sanghaya. (Bell)

Dear Pháp Hỷ Lạc Brother,
As you know, for secular people, hair and beard are the roots of humanity; but for monastic people, hair and beard symbolize afflictions. Shaving off hair and beard means shaving off afflictions on the body.
Today, you have enough good conditions to remove the afflictions in your body. To eliminate afflictions in your mind, you need to study the Dharma, understand the Dharma clearly, practice, and apply the Dharma in the daily life to benefit yourself and other people right here in the present life.
Dear Pháp Hỷ Lạc Brother,
You should know that monastics must shave all hair and beard completely differently from secular people, do not wear secular clothes, and do not wear silk jewelry or luxurious brocade in a secular style. Be aware that the true beauty of a monastic person must be made of stately materials and the practice of harmony, peace, stability, and freedom through Dharma learning, Dharma practice, Dharma understanding, Dharma joy, and Dharma happiness.
Now, you are very lucky to vow to shave off your beard, hair, and give up bad habits from within yourself under the support and witness of the Sangha at Pháp Nhãn Temple, and today you officially become a true novice Monk, a devout disciple of the Buddha in the new era.
To support the shaving of the novice Monk Pháp Hỷ Lạc, we would like to invite the Sangha to recite the following verse together happily.
Shaving off all hair and beard
Praying peace for sentient beings
Eliminating afflictions and suffering
Developing happiness and quickly advancing to nirvana.
Putting on Monastic Daily Robe
How beautiful is the robe of deliverance,
The robe of the blessing field is marvelous.
Today I am very lucky to put it on,
The wholesome root is for me to vow to plant deeply.
Wearing the monastic robe,
My heart is at ease.
I vow to live a life of freedom,
bringing joy and peace to the world. 
Putting on the Sanghati or Kasa Robe*
(Please kneel down and raise the robe across the forehead.)
How wonderful is the robe of freedom,
The robe of the field of merit is marvelous.
I bow my head to receive it happily
I vow to wear it for my whole lifetime.
Namo Buddhaya. Namo Dharmaya. Namo Sanghaya. (Bell)
(*Sanghati or Kasa is the robe the monastic people wear on formal occasions.)
By Thích Trừng Sỹ
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