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The Happy Spring

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ


The Happy Spring is gentle clear green,
The wind brings the drifting clouds quickly
Each flock of birds gathers together
Celebrating the coming Spring welcomes people to the festival.
Kneeling sincerely down in this solemn place,
One’s respectful heart is forwarded to the Three Jewels,
Praying for the noble Sangha Body,
Living in harmony to spread the Dhamma Path.
Wishing for all places of peace and joy,
Escaping from ignorance to find out liberation,
and praying for families and relatives today,
The full health, the happy reunion of the Dhamma,
Together aspiring to ancestors and parents,
Penetrating the Dharma to keep away from the evil path.
The Spring coming resounds, resounds,
With joy of eagerness in how dear,
Life is fresh and joyous as one’s heart blossoms,
Feelings of bliss are full of the Buddha,
Who leads us to the Dhamma,
Boundless love of all sounds of singing.
Despite tomorrow, when years and months pass,
One still steps on the path of the Buddha,
Whose love is eternally forever,
The Buddha in one’s heart is the source of warm sunshine.
Celebration of Spring coming, we sing the Dharma songs,
Welcoming the New Year, we are happy together with all families.

By Thích Trừng Sỹ


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