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Compiling and composing good, meaningful, and easy-to-remember POEMS

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

Compiling and composing beautiful, meaningful, and easy-to-remember POEMS
The Samyuktãgama – Miscellaneous Sutra, Number 1226, states that: “While visiting King Pasenadi, the Buddha has taught there are the four small kinds everyone should not despise.
 What are those four small kinds? They are:
1. Small flame
2. Small snake
3. Young prince
4. Young monastic person.
A small flame burns into the sea of fire
A small snake growing up becomes a great snake
A young prince becomes a great emperor
A young monk or nun is now getting enlightenment not far away. 
Please remember I am a young monk or nun
Before hugeness, I am so small
But remember I am the young monk or nun
One tomorrow I am getting enlightened
The whole world will become so small
Before infinity of my enlightenment only
(Third supreme Dharma Patriarch of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha)


The Father is the Buddha; the Buddha appears everywhere
The Mother is the Dharma; the Dharma is so wonderful
We are the Sangha; the Sangha in harmony and peace
Our lives are always at ease.
The Father is the Buddha present everywhere
The Mother is the very wonderful and practical Dharma
We are the Sangha living a peaceful life
Our Teacher’s virtue shines everywhere.
A tree with the root gives more branches and green leaves
Water with the source spreads throughout the river and the canal
Being human people, we must have Ancestors
Like the tree with the root, like the river with the source.
If we are filial with our mother and father,
then later on, our children have the same filial piety as us.
If we live without the filial piety with our parents,
do not expect our children to have the filial piety with us at all.
Buddha Dharma application of many places
The fragrance of wonderful virtue flies away
Practicing the Dharma together with everyone
Offering Kathina robes of merit, the gifts for monks and nuns.
I love Buddhism of peace
Because Buddhism does not harm anyone
On the way to long-term unity and immigration
Do not open blood path, but open the wholesome mind
Twenty-six centuries of sincerity
having been with the nation in humiliation, glory, ups and downs.
Diligently sweep and clean up the Temple land
Merit and wisdom in the four seasons blooming
Although there are no visitors coming and going,
Those who diligently clean up are holy people.
Blessing with light of the glorious Dharma
Thousand years of a radiant human world
Confidence suddenly brightens his heart
Bodhisattva Quảng Đức is eternally engraved
Sixty years of one whole heart
Wisdom shines to beautify the heart of the Tathagata.
Hard is it to gain a human birth
Hard is it to find the Tathagata
Hard is it to hear the true Dharma
Hard is it to associate with the Sangha
Wherever we learn and practice the Buddha Dharma diligently,
there we definitely obtain peace and joy. (Dhammapada 193)
It is sunny in this morning
The song of the birds singing sweetly
Summer Retreat has so much human love
When contemplating, we can know the Buddha has entered the true mind.
Respectfully pay homage to the World-Honored One
The Teacher of the Three Realms
His wisdom and compassion
shine everywhere
We have the wholehearted minds 
towards happily welcoming the Teacher of gods and human beings.
Coming and arriving Spring with the Dharma light,
Buddha’s birthday spring is present all over the world,
Spring has bloomed eternally,
shining all species of light of compassion.
Bowing down to the World-Honored One
The Teacher with perfect wisdom illuminates wonderfully
we wholeheartedly pray for
intercontinental peace and prosperity are connected
Bodhi relatives are linked with good conditions
Shining with the Dharma light all over the world
We are so countlessly happy
Applying the Buddha Dharma in the dignified place
Afflictions are transformed right away
The body and mind of right mindfulness right now become happy and joyful.
Happy is the birth of the Buddha
Happy is the right Dharma illuminating both gods and human beings
Happy is the harmonious and peaceful Sangha that is the best field of merit for everyone to sow and to plant;
Happy is the fourfold Community of lay devotees and monastic people everywhere learning and practicing the Buddha Dharma together. (Dhammapada 194)
The Dharma talks the Most Venerable Master shared
peacefulness and happiness permeate our minds
With the wholehearted hearts
we listen to the wonderful Dharma imparted by the Master.
Dwell strongly in confidence in the right Dharma,
Dharma practitioners are at ease to open fresh smiles
Stability and freedom in cultivation
Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat is so happy.
Chanting, paying homage to the Buddha in this morning
We learn and practice the Dharma every day
Protecting the Three Jewels is our duty
Building Dharma Brotherhood and Sisterhood is so interesting.
Fellow dharma friends are so warm
The purified hearts are like space
Defilements are recognized and transformed
Beautiful body and mind are like flowers.
Agarwood incense is fragrant with the Buddha Hall
Lotus blooms, the Buddha embodies
The Dharma realm becomes purified
Sentient beings alleviate secular karmas
The disciples with the respectful hearts
lead towards the Three Jewels.
The Buddha, who is the fully awakened and enlightened One,
shows the way of peace to living things and living beings
has the virtuous, noble, and good signs
the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion are perfect.
The Dharma that is the bright way,
Instructs people to escape the realm of delusion,
Leads us to return to true home
In order to lead a life of awakening.
The Sangha that is the beautiful Community in harmony
Travels on the joyful path together,
Cultivates to be freed from afflictions
In order to make life beautified.
We, disciples of Gautama Buddha, rely on the Triple Gem
on the path of Dharma learning,
know the Triple Gem of self-own mind,
vow to practice the Dharma diligently
in order to brighten the heart of the Noble Triple Gem, etc.
(Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh)
Life needs to be grateful: 
Grateful to the Triple Gem, Teacher, Mother, and Father
Grateful to donors and almsgivers
Grateful to society and nation of peace
Grateful to friends and sentient beings
Always repaying gratitude to all species.
The Summer Retreat is present in us,
By the virtues of cultivation and vowing to save sentient beings
Dharma spreading everywhere does not stop
Bringing peace and joy to all 
Propaganda everywhere does not stop,
Bringing the joy to every family.
The Buddha appears, the world has more peace
Giving flowers more pistil and giving us more joy
The Buddha appears, the country is brighter and brighter
The affliction is transformed, smiles are in us 
The Buddha appearing in the world is the gift of peace
Practicing the Dharma together, the whole family is at peace.

Diligently sweep and clean up the Temple land
Wisdom and virtuous blessings in four seasons blooming
Although there are no visitors coming and going,
Those who diligently clean up are holy people.


Today, the Retreat of Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat
Peace and joy in us are blooming in the heart
Buddha inside and Buddha outside are shining
We nurture the compassion mind.
Summer Retreat in this year
We learn and practice the Dharma diligently every day
Cultivating good blessings is above all
The protection of the Triple Gem benefits living beings.
Diligently studying the Dharma with the whole Temple
Compassion and wisdom of four seasons blooming flowers
Buddhist Monks and Nuns cultivate the six harmonious and respectful Dharmas
bring virtue and merit as the beautiful gifts to everyone today.
Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat at Cô Lâm Temple
We learn and practice the Dharma with one-pointed heart
Dharma learning and Dharma practice always make great effort
Spreading love and compassion to life.
Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat in this year
We practice the Dharma with the diligent Sangha
The field of merit and duty is a good chance for us to sow and to plant
Protecting the Noble Triple Gem makes offerings to the Buddhist Monks and Nuns.
The Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat this year
The Sangha practice the teachings of the Buddha regularly daily
Dharma learning and Dharma practice always increase
Benefit oneself, other people, and benefit all living things and living beings.
Daily chanting and hearing the Dharma
Cultivating the merit and wisdom for our bodies and minds
We practice the Buddha’s teachings diligently,
Bring peace and joy monthly and yearly.
Attending the Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat
We cultivate the Buddha Dharma regularly
Make an effort no more and no less
Practice to nurture the compassion heart.
Harmony and Self-Awareness today
We learnt and practiced the Dharma ten days ago
Cultivation is a good gift for all of us
Wholeheartedly pray peace and well-being for you all.
The more we cultivate the Dharma, the brighter our wisdom is
Strongly build the peaceful family
Chanting, reciting Buddha’s names alternately
Monastic and lay Buddhists all over the place learn and practice the Buddha Dharma together happily.
When cultivating, our wisdom is brighter
Always memorizing Namo Buddhaya
Breathing in, we know how to breathe out
Nurturing mindfulness as a peaceful gift.

Whenever attending the Retreat
We try to learn the Dharma diligently
Let go of secular things, and
Develop mindfulness and Dharma practice today.
The Buddha Dharma penetrates into the body and mind
We practice it monthly and yearly regularly
Joy and happiness are so much happily
Merit and wisdom increase in the morning and afternoon.
Cause and effect remind people to
Diligently and effortfully smile in us
Cultivation is a good gift
Defilements are transformed, the whole family gets peaceful and joyful.
Pháp Nhãn Buddhist Temple organizes annual Summer Retreat
We try to practice the Buddha Dharma elaborately
What the Buddha has taught always memorizes
To spread love and compassion to life.
True person cultivating the Dharma properly
Reminds everyone to follow him consciously
Attention and awareness are very clear
The flowers and fruits of peacefulness and happiness sow into our minds.
People in this Dharma center practice the Buddha Dharma stately
The sound of the right Dharma makes life brighter and clearer
Practitioners always smile freshly
Ethical flowers make people joyful and happy.
Cultivation of the Buddha Dharma is a flower
Skillful practice is good, clumsy practice is sad
Impermanence changes very quickly
Mindfulness and awareness are very spiritual miracles.
Buddhist people here are very gentle
Living lives of peacefulness like heavenly beings
Stably practicing the Dharma in Buddhism
Bringing joy and happiness to all regions.
In the 5-day Summer Retreat
Dharma teacher guides us very well
Everyone practicing the Dharma very joyfully
Cultivates virtue and blessing for today.


Taking refuge in the Buddha illuminating
Practicing the right Dharma stably today
Diligently learning Buddhist studies daily
Peace and happiness permeate into the body and mind.

Summer Retreat this year
Practicing the Dharma stably today
Protection of the noble Triple Gem is the best wish
With right mindfulness and awareness, the mind is no troublesome.

Every time, every practice, every light
Mindfulness energy illuminates every day
Cultivating the Buddha Dharma today
Joy and happiness are full of the body and mind.
Learning Buddhist studies, our wisdom is brighter
Listening to the Dharma is a gift of peace
Mindful breathing is steady
Let’s practice together immensely happily.
Best wishes of the Noble Triple Gem during the chanting period
Namo The Original Master Sakyamuni Buddhaya
May Buddhism be brighter and brighter
The Noble Triple Gem has got more and more illuminated
The wind and rain are favorite
The country and people are peaceful
Peace in oneself is peace in the world.
All over the city and rural areas
All different kinds of people know how to practice the Buddha Dharma.  
Nature is protected safely and well
Society enjoys freedom and equality
Once again
May the breeze of compassion and coolness blow in the world of hotness.
Bringing the Sun of wisdom illuminates space of darkness. 
Buddhism, the path of awakening and enlightenment, the way of life practicing peace, freedom, equality, loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom are praised and commended everywhere and every time.
The Dharma rain is permeated freshly
All beings get benefits and joy.
At present, the Sangha practicing the Buddha Dharma diligently
Love and look after each other like siblings
Recognize defilements
Transform the body and mind
To benefit oneself and other people right here and right now in the present life.
Today, at ………… Temple ……….
Saha world shines,
The Buddha land blossoms
The blessing water washes dirty heart
Insightful light illuminates dark mind.
Forward the unshaking mind,
Vow to obtain the fruition of no birth and no death,
The Buddha Path is perfect.
All living things and living beings on earth get more and more peaceful.
Namo The Original Master Sakyamuni Buddhaya.
(Daily Chanting Book of Plum Village)
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