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The Invitation Letter of Attending Thanksgiving Retreat in 2023

Pháp Nhãn Temple

The Invitation Letter of Attending Thanksgiving Retreat 2023
We know “Thanksgiving” present in the United States in 1621 (2023 – 1621 = 402 years) is an appropriate occasion for us to have free time to return to reunite and visit family. 
“Thanksgiving” in Buddhism has been present around 2612 B.C., (624 B.C.–35 (the year of the Buddha’s enlightenment) = 589 + 2023 = 2612) in the second week after the Buddha’s full enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya in India until today. 
Indeed, when mentioning “Thanksgiving,” we immediately think about duties and responsibilities for “Gratitude – Gratefulness,” or “Thankfulness” between next generation and previous generation, between living people and dead people, between givers and receivers, between transmitters and connectors, and vice versa, etc. 
Buddhism, the path of peace, enlightenment, awareness, and mindfulness, has many different types of “Gratitude or Thanksgiving” as follows:
1. Gratitude to grandparents and parents for their nourishment and giving births to us.
2. Gratitude to the Buddha, the wonderful Dharma, and the Sangha.
3. Gratitude to secular and spiritual teachers for their education.
4. Gratitude to friends and intellectuals.
5. Gratitude to national heroes for their responsibilities to have founded and defended the country from ancient time until now;
6. Gratitude to nations where we were born, have grown up, cultivated, learnt, lived, and worked.
7. Gratitude to disciples, Monastics, and lay people for their duties to learn, understand, spread, protect the Dharma, and shine up the light of Dharma in the present and in the future right in the world.
8. Gratitude to children and grandchildren for their abilities to maintain the continuity of a family line, blood and spiritual families.         
With the above specific meanings, this year, Pháp Nhãn Temple will hold Thanksgiving Retreat on Sunday, November 26, 2023 as follows: 
09:00 am: Welcome everyone to Phap Nhan Temple
09:30 am: Meditation practice and Chanting 
10:00am: Dharma talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving  
11:30 am: Dharma discussion and meditation singing  
12:00 am: Have mindfulness lunch
01:00 pm: Performing the Ceremony of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem and transmitting the five Ethical Trainings*
02:00 pm: Activities closing.
You are cordially invited to spend your valuable time coming to Pháp Nhãn Temple to attend this Retreat nicely.
May you and your loved ones be well, happy, and peaceful in the Dharma. 
                        The Abbot of Phap Nhan Temple
                        Dharma Teacher Thích Trừng Sỹ

* Please write your full name, DOB, and an ID picture, and then send them soon to the Phap Nhan Temple so that Dharma Master will fill them in the Certificate of Ordination for you. 

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