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The Invitation Letter of Attending the 2565th Vesak Season – 2021

Pháp Nhãn Temple

The Invitation Letter of Attending

the 2565th Vesak Season – 2021

To: Dear Monastics, Buddhists, and Everyone,

“Pay respectful homage to the World-Honored One – the Master has shown the way of Peace to living beings all over the planet. His loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom shine all over the directions. We express our deeply wholehearted hearts to him to be directed toward the admiration of the Master of gods and human beings.”

We know that the Sakyamuni Buddha, the Fully Enlightened One, the Founder of Buddhism, the path of awakening, enlightenment, and peace to the many right in the present life, has appeared in the world for over the past two thousand and six hundred years. Wherever Buddhism has been present, there it contributes to bringing authentic joy, happiness, and peace to many people.

In the past 2020, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, works in social activities in general and religions in particular, all stopped being inactive. In 2021, thanks to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines being popularly applied in the United States, over a quarter of the population, people, communities, and societies start to return to their activities gradually.

To celebrate the Great Ceremony of the Buddha’s Birthday this year, Pháp Nhãn Temple has enough wholesome conditions to invite the Most Venerable Thích Pháp Quang, Bhante Gnanaratana, Bhante Thilakarathana, Senior Venerable Monks Thích Tâm Đạo, Thích Nhuận Tánh, Thích Huệ Cảnh, and fellow Buddhists coming to the Temple to attend this great event. We are very happy to welcome you all.

The program for the great Celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday will be held on Sunday, June 6, 2021.   

09:00 am: Welcome you all to the Phap Nhan Temple       

09:30 am: The Sangha is cordially invited

10:00 am: Starting the Great Ceremony of the Buddha’s Birthday

10:20 am: Reading the UN. Vesak Message of the Buddha’s Birthday

10:40 am: Dharma talk about the meanings of the Vesak Day

11:20 am: Chanting the Vesak Sutra, the Ceremony of bathing the newborn baby Buddha

12:00 am: Make offerings to the Sangha and have a cordial lunch                    

01:00 pm: Performance of the Vesak songs

02:00 pm: Transmitting and receiving Three Refuges and Five Ethical Trainings[1]

03:00 pm: Closing of activities.

                                         The Abbot of Phap Nhan Temple

                                            Venerable Thích Trừng Sỹ

Thư Mời Tham Dự Đại Lễ Phật Đản lần thứ 2645 – 2021

[1]   Please write your full name, DOB, and an ID picture, and then send them soon to the Phap Nhan Temple so that Dharma Master will fill them in the Certificate of Ordination for you. 


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