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Invitation letter of attending Vesak Day Celebration and Ceremony for a Westerner to be ordained as a Novice Monk at Pháp Nhãn Temple, Sunday, June 9, 2024

Pháp Nhãn Temple     Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

Invitation Letter of Attending the 2568th Vesak Day Celebration and Ceremony for a Westerner to be ordained as a Novice Monk
 Sunday, June 9, 2024
Dear Venerable Monastic and Lay Buddhist Devotees,
We respectfully listen to the Buddha’s Birthday poem:
The Buddha having been present in life
Propagates the right Dharma to illuminate both gods and human beings.
Now the Four Assemblies in the presence 
Jointly study and practice the Dharma, all regions get peaceful and happy.
As we know every year when the great Vesak festival returns to different places around the world, whether we are Buddhists or non-Buddhists, whether we are workers, officials, or teachers, etc. …, whether at the Temple, at the Monastery, or even in an office, all of us share the same good thoughts and organize together to practice and study the Buddha Dharma, and review the life of Shakyamuni Buddha to help us live a life of peace, joy, and happiness for the many right here in the present life.
In order for this year’s Vesak Day to increase more solemn parts, we would like to wholeheartedly invite the Venerable Monastic and lay Buddhist devotees to spend your precious time coming to Pháp Nhãn Temple to attend this great event. Your presence and witnesses are a great blessing to our Temple. We are deeply grateful to you for your presence.
Program of Vesak Day will take place as follows:
09:30 am: Welcome you all to the Pháp Nhãn Temple
10:00 am: Celebration of Vesak Day 
10:30 am: Ceremony for the Westerner to be ordained as a Novice Monk
10:50 am: Read the message of Vesak Day
11:00 am: The Meaning of Vesak Day – The Most Venerable Master
11:20 am: Vesak chanting and new-born Buddha Bathing Ceremony
12:00 pm: Make offerings to the Sangha and have friendly lunch together
01:00 pm: Singing offerings to Vesak Day
02:00 pm: The Ceremony of Taking Refuges and transmitting the Five Ethical Trainings *
03:00 pm: Closing.
Wishing the great Sangha infinite peace and infinite auspiciousness.
                The Abbot of Pháp Nhãn Temple
                    Venerable Thích Trừng Sỹ
* Please write your full name, date of birth, and enclose an ID-sized photo sent to Pháp Nhãn Temple as soon as possible at the above address so that the Temple can fill in the Certificate of Ordination for you.


Thư mời tham dự Đại Lễ Phật Đản và Lễ Xuất Gia cho người Mỹ ở Chùa Pháp Nhãn, Chủ Nhật, ngày 9/6/2024


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