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A Peaceful Day Retreat at the Buddha Mind Monastery on Sunday, July 24, 2022

Buddha Mind Monastery

Namo The Original Master Sakyamuni Buddhaya

A peaceful Day Retreat at the Buddha Mind Monastery

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Dear the Venerable Honored Monks and Nuns,

Dear Dharma Sisters and Brothers,

In the Dhammapada, Verse No 193, the World-Honored Buddha has taught:

It is hard to meet Tathagata

It is hard to hear the right Dharma

It is hard to interconnect with the Sangha

Wherever we take refuge in the Three Jewels,

There we have peace and joy.”

Indeed, in order that those who have enough wholesome conditions to interconnect with the Three Jewels, in the summer, this year, the Buddha Mind Monastery will hold A Peaceful Day Retreat under the presence of Venerable Thích Trừng Sỹ and Venerable Thích Tâm lực, who directly instruct the Dharma for Buddhists near and far.

The program will take place as follows:

09:30 AM: Warmly welcome you all

10:00 AM: Chanting People Knowing How to Live Alone

10:40 AM: The Dharma talk “Seven Kinds of noble treasures of the holy

12:00 PM: Have mindful and friendly lunch together happily

01:30 PM: Total relaxation meditation

02:00 PM: Tea Meditation

03:00 PM: Praying and making food offerings to wandering souls

04:00 PM: The ending of Ceremony.

You are cordially invited to come to the Buddha Mind Monastery to attend the Peaceful Day Retreat.

We wish you and your loved Ones full of peace, joy, and happiness in the Buddha Dharma.

The Buddha Mind Monastery 

Khóa Tu Một Ngày An Lạc ở Tu Viện Phật Tâm Chủ Nhật, 24/7/2022


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