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Expressing Opening Statements at Pháp Nhãn Temple Buddhist Calendar 2565/ Normal Calendar 2021

Pháp Nhãn Temple


Buddhist Calendar 2565/ Normal Calendar 2021 

Namo The Original Master Sakyamuni Buddhaya

Dear respected Venerable Monks and Nuns

Dear Dharma Sisters and Brothers present at Pháp Nhãn Temple on this year’s Vu Lan Filial Piety Day 

 “Towards mother and father giving birth to us

Take care, nurture peace and happiness

Spirit and material are full

Nice accommodation with peaceful months and days

Parents and children reuniting

have stable and strong confidence in the Dharma

With the first filial piety

Children and grandchildren are happy all over the place.”

We know that according to the developed Buddhist culture, Vu Lan festival means the happy day of the Buddha, the happy day of the Sangha, the day of recognition, expression, and repentance of self-mistakes, the day of offering merit, Kathina robes to the Sangha, and the day of cultivating the merit field. Additionally, the day after attending Vassa Vassa Retreat – summer or raining Retreat, the Sangha has one more age in the Dharma, and the Vu Lan festival also is the filial piety Day for parents.

Indeed, Buddhism is the filial path that teaches people to have filial piety and respect for their parents. The Buddha always teaches us to be filial to our parents and grandparents first. According to the Eastern culture, especially the culture of Buddhism, serving, respecting, caring, and nurturing parents are very important duties of children to parents when their parents get old.

Those who know how to respect and take care of their parents have a lot of happiness and virtue, are praised and extolled because in the family, they are the ones who inherit moral education directly from their parents and their parents are teachers who teach understanding and love for their children. These substances have the potential to nurture and help their children easily succeed in life. Therefore, with thoughts and actions of peacefulness, the merit of serving and being filial to one’s parents and the merit of making offerings to the Buddha and protecting the Three Jewels are the same. Those who do not know how to respect and take care of their parents are unfilial, criticized, and despised by the world.

According to the Buddhist viewpoint, in Aṅguttara Nikāya, the Buddha teaches us that the parents are two Brahmas. If we respect and take good care of our parents, we will be happy and everyone will praise and respect us. Filial piety and caring for parents always has two aspects: material and spiritual. In terms of material, when the parents get old, in order to help them live peacefully and happily in their daily lives, children are aware to live by right occupation, effort, and property created by themselves. In terms of spirituality, children themselves must know how to take refuge in the Three Jewels and practice the five virtuous trainings, and then, encourage and exhort their parents to take refuge in the Buddha’s light to live a life of good direction and benefit for themselves and for other people right in this life.

With the just above-mentioned meanings, Vu Lan festival in this year, the year of the global pandemic, we focus on our homeland Vietnam in particular and countries around the world in general, please wholeheartedly contribute to praying for timely, valuable, and effective vaccines to treat the pandemic to be ended quickly. This year, Phap Nhan Temple has enough good fortune to hold Vu Lan’s filial piety festival to help us know about the meaning of drinking water, remembering the source, being grateful, and repaying gratitude of the Buddha’s children.

So we would like to proclaim the reason for opening the Vu Lan – Parents’ Day today.

Thank you so much for your attention and listening. We would like to wish you all peace, joy, and happiness in the Dharma.

Namo Maha Moggallāna Bodhisattva.

Phát Biểu Khai Mạc Vu Lan PL. 2565, DL. 2021


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