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The Poem of Remembering Vu Lan – Parents’ Day

Bhikkhuni Hạnh Minh


Dear respected Venerable Monks and Nuns,

Dear Dharma Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to read “the Poem of Remembering Vu Lan – Parents’ Day” composed by myself as follows:

Today is Vu Lan Festival

We respectfully offer Parents full of love

Mother is like the lyrics of the homeland

Lulling little kids peacefully on the path of compassion.


Gentle mother in the peaceful spring light

Gives her children a beautiful dream of immense love

Takes care of them in harmonious days and months

Brings them to school in their childhood memories.


Parents’ kindness we are grateful to

Looking after their sick children is never difficult

To stay up late, get up early, and take medicine

Parents hope their children will get well and ready to sacrifice themselves.


Trying to work hard and to do their best

giving children to go to school in love

Parents who are strenuous and arduous

love their children to still impact the noble way for them.


Father who always supports the spirit

Help children overcome all the times of suffering

The mother who always is a miracle person

Helps her children overcome anxiety and confusion.


The mother who lulls a peaceful sleep

Gives children a peaceful day and month forever

gives them happiness and freedom

gives them to resound with the laughs of innocence.


Parents cultivate dreams

Parents’ kindness children worship in their hearts

Father’s love and mother’s heart are deeply grateful

We would like to remember to nourish the seeds of gratitude.


Vu Lan festival, we vow to be sincere

Paying filial piety to our parents, we would like to repay

The gentle mother is as beautiful as a lotus

Praying for parents to have more peaceful days.


I would like to thank you all for your listening.

Namo Maha Moggallāna Bodhisattva.

Thơ Nhớ về Vu Lan


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