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Invitation Letter of The Vu Lan Great Ceremony – Parents’ Day on Sunday, September 17, 2023

Pháp Nhãn Temple

Sunday, September 17, 2023

To: Dear Monastic, lay Buddhists, and everyone,
We respectfully hear that:
“Each year, lunar July, the full Moon Day
The filial children diligently say well-being prayers;
Praying for parents to live long
Instructing children and grandchildren to take refuge in peacefulness together.”
Indeed, yearly, when the great Ceremony of Vu Lan – Parents’ Day, the Buddha’s children, despite living in different countries, spend the appropriate time going to the Temple for Dharma learning and Dharma practice, and attending the great Ceremony of Vu Lan joyfully.
We know that VU LAN, the most important Spiritual Cultural Festival to the Buddha’s disciples, includes the following events:
The first is to pray for the current parents to increase virtuous blessing and longevity.
The second is to pray for those who passed away will be born up to a peaceful realm.
The third is the effort to develop the learning and practice of the Buddha Dharma and the protection of the Three Jewels in the Vassa Vassa – Summer Retreat of lay devotees and monastic people.
The Fourth is to pray for world peace and for people to obtain joy and happiness.
Through cultivating, learning, applying, and practicing the Buddha Dharma into our daily lives, we can enjoy reaping the flowers and fruits of peacefulness and happiness for ourselves and for other people right here and right now in the present life.
The program of the VU LAN’s great Ceremony at Pháp Nhãn Temple will be held as follows:
09:00 am:  Welcome you all to Pháp Nhãn Temple
09:30 am:  Welcome monastic people to the Temple
10:00 am: The VU LAN’s Great Ceremony (will have a separate program)
10:30 am: Dharma talk the meaning of VU LAN’s Parents’ Day
11:30 am: Rose Ceremony being pinned on pocket
12:00 pm: Making offerings to Monastics and having cordial lunch
12:30 pm: VU LAN songs performance
01:30 pm: The Ceremony of becoming the Buddha’s children (1)
02:00 pm: Closing activities.
We would like to wish you and your loved Ones full of peace, joy, and happiness in the Dharma.

The Abbot of Pháp Nhãn Temple
Venerable Thích Trừng Sỹ


(1) Please write your full name, date of birth, and a photo ID, and send them to Phap Nhan Temple soon for Dharma Teacher to fill in your lay Ordination Certificate with the above address.


Thư mời tham dự Đại Lễ VU LAN ở Chùa Pháp Nhãn Chủ Nhật, 17/9/2023


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