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Food For Thought – No East, No West

Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams


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“Recently I was asked whether or not I thought that Western Buddhists wanted to hear, practise and share the Dharma in a Western way. It made me ask myself, what is East and what is West, what is North and what is South, and why do we have to differentiate and pre-judge. When they are all just constructs of the mind?

Even though there are obvious differences to each individuals psychological conditions and physical habits, due to cultural influences, language and so forth, we are all human beings, and the foundation, path and result of the Buddha’s Dharma transcends beyond such differences.

Furthermore, unfortunately people normally perceive oceans and borders as dividing different countries and regions. But maybe we should perceive that these oceans and borders actually join, connect & unite these so called countries and regions.

Maybe we can ask ourselves, when we think of East and West, North and South, and so forth, where is the central point of reference? Where is East? Where is West? Where is North? Where is South? Maybe even ask ourselves, if the world were upside down, where is East, West, North and South now?

Think about it. They are just constructs of the mind. Truth is truth, no matter where we may live or what language we may speak. Truth is truth, no matter what we may believe.”

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~Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams~



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