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Freedom of Body and Mind

Pháp Nhãn Temple


This body is not mine,

I do not cling to it

I am not limited by this body.

I am an infinite life,

I have never been born,

and also have never died.

Look! Sea is wide and the sky is high,

Densely innumerable stars.

All are together manifested in me

from the spiritual source of consciousness mind,

from all lives I am free.

Birth and death are the gateways in and out,

they are the hide-and-seek games.

Smile together with me.

Breathe together with me.

Practice meditation together with me,

Recite the Buddha’s names together with me.[1] 

Namo Compassion Mother Buddhaya

Namo Compassion Father Buddhaya

(3 times, Bell)

Thân Tâm Tự Tại

[1]   See Anattalakkhana Sutta /


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