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Poem: War and Peace

Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ


We all know that:
War is happening,
everyone should look deeply.
War is a crime
War is destructive
War is a massacre
War is devastating.
War is dictatorship
War is anger
War is indelible
War is suffering.
War is unfavorable
War is pointless
War is inhuman
War is approaching
War is destruction.
War means killing
War harms innocent people
War is always widespread
Causing suffering to the world.
War is retribution
War is misunderstanding
War is screaming
War is terrible.
War is hatred
War is confusion
War is darkness
War is a prison
War is craving
War is wrong way
War is wrong view
War is ignorance.
see the danger of war
see the damage of war
see the suffering of war
see the destruction of war
see the death of war,
the world hurries up
to jointly condemn the War
end the war
build the wholesome life
for all sides.
People are aware that
Peace is reconciliation
Peace is harmony
Peace is combination
Peace outside is peace inside first;
Peace inside means peace in the mind;
Peace in the mind means peace in oneself;
Peace in oneself is peace in the people;
Peace in oneself is peace in the world;
Peace in the world is concord
Peace in the world is sociability
Peace in the world is order
Peace in the world is mutually beneficial.
Peace means stopping
Peace means looking back
Peace means sitting back
Peace means connecting
Peace means looking at each other.
Peace is happiness
Peace is peacefulness
Peace is fast connected
Peace for the world.
Be aware of the above things
The meeting is opening
Conciliation is very clear
Solving the mistakes
Building world order.
We should know that:
By means of social media
By what we have is available
quickly negotiating the war
Soon ending the war
bringing peace for humanity.
Praying for the war to be soon ended.
Praying for peace to be quickly established.
Praying for the dictator to be soon transformed.
Praying for everyone to be soon peaceful.
By Thích Trừng Sỹ

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