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Purnima Message of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Buddhist Association with Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in 2022

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi        Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba


Indian Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi[1] has the Vesak message about Buddha Purnima; Purnima is a Sanskrit word meaning the Full Moon Day of Vesak month around May of the ordinary calendar, including the three great events: The Buddha’s Birth, Buddha’s Enlightenment, and Buddha’s Nirvana.

On this important holiday season, Prime Minister Modi reminds and encourages everyone to jointly study, practice, and apply the Buddhadharma in daily life to benefit the many right in the present life.

Purnima or Vesak Celebration is one of the most important global Buddhist cultural and spiritual festivals accepted and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 15, 1999 to honor the life of the Buddha and His teachings of love, compassion, wisdom, and peace for this world.

This year, the Purnima Festival, Vesak Full Moon Day, is May 16, 2022. Recall and commit to practicing the Buddha’s teachings, right today, from New Delhi, India, first, traveling by plane to the State of Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi visited the Mahaparinirvana Temple in Kushinagar City, where the Buddha passed away in 544 B.C.E. As we know Kushinagar is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists. Prime Minister Modi then flew to Nepal for his fifth visit to the country since 2014.

After flying to Nepal, Prime Minister Modi visited Lumbini, where Buddha was born under the Sorrowless tree 2646 years ago. On the occasion of Purnima Festival, accepting the invitation to visit Lumbini Garden of Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, Prime Minister Modi had a very cordial meeting with the Nepal Prime Minister and gave the following speech:

The Buddha, the Dharma, and His disciples from the past to the present have enthusiastically contributed to building the common planet of humanity more joyfully, sustainably, harmoniously, and peacefully for the world.”

Next, Prime Minister Modi said as follows: “I would like to pray to holy Mother Mayadevi, the biological Mother of the Buddha at her Temple on this auspicious occasion. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of millions of Indian people and non-Indian peoples from different countries around the world who visit the sacred holy place of Lumbini, where Sakyamuni Buddha was born.

Later, at Lumbini garden, PTI news agency reported: Prime Minister of India and Prime Minister of Nepal had friendly talks and exchanges for further cooperation and expansion in many fields, including hydropower, and intimate connection.

Prime Minister Modi of India laid the foundation stone for the Indian International Buddhist Culture and Heritage Center (IICBCH) in Lumbini of Nepal. The IICBCH is being built on the initiative of the International Buddhist Confederation. Secretary General IBC Most Ven Dr Dhammapiya were present along with Prime Minister of Nepal.

By Thích Trừng Sỹ

Thông Điệp Purnima của Thủ Tướng Narendra Modi Ấn Độ và sự liên kết Phật Giáo với Thủ Tướng Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba năm 2022

[1] https://twitter.com/narendramodi


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