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Unity & Practise are Essential

Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams



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“Homage to the Enlightened Ones.

“Both supportive unity within the Buddhist community as a whole, as well as each individual practitioner’s mind training practise are essential. To protect and spread the Buddha Dharma in this world, as well as for the successful progress of the individual practitioner’s path to enlightenment.

It is essential that all Buddhist traditions are together in unity. Even though there may be some different practises, and some different conceptual understandings of the fruit of the Buddha Dharma, the realisation of the ultimate truth of enlightenment.

An important word here is ‘conceptual’, for practising the Buddha Dharma, in its many variances, leads us beyond ‘conceptual’ or dualistic thinking. Conceptual or dualistic thinking is what causes any lack of unity.

All serious Buddhist practitioners should realise this. Let us all unite, for the good of all.

Furthermore, with this unity, the practise of the Buddha Dharma, both from the perspective of the individual, and the whole, will be protected and kept pure, as well as Buddhism, and the integrity of Buddhism, being protected on the world stage.

Homage to the Enlightened Ones.”
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~Dharma Master Andrew. J. Williams~


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