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Poem: Zen Master Thích Tuệ Sỹ’s tranquility

Ven. Thích Tuệ Sỹ                        Thích Trừng Sỹ

Hearing the news of his passing, let’s calm down and diligently practice.
He is the wind blowing, not caught in the net.
He is the lotus in the water, not polluted by the mud.
He is the solid island, not afraid of any storm.
He is the glittering diamond, sparkling in the snow.
He is not in this bodily form, always feels light.
He is the sunlight that illuminates the whole world.
He is the drizzle rain always falling gently
At dawn, when everyone wakes up,
Hearing the news, he departed freely from the burden for a moment.
He is the clouds, the rain, the water, etc., always rotating.
Take the firm step to practice right here and right now.
He is the bird soaring high into the vast space
He is the full moon shining brightly in the dark night.
By Thích Trừng Sỹ
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